Stately Buildings and Festive Staircases

untitledHenderson Hall, the English building, is where I’ve spent the majority of my on campus time over the last ten years.  First I spent my time in the classrooms and English majors’ study lounge as a student, then in the “dungeon” as a graduate assistant, and finally in various offices as an instructor.  I love this old building with its stately architecture and beautiful view of the area between South Patio and T.J. Farr building.  When I took my new position with athletics over the summer, I made the move from Henderson to Roaden University Center.  While I spent a ton of time in the UC as a freshman, coming over to check my mail, eat in the cafeteria or grill, and buy books, I rarely entered the UC as a faculty member.  In the 9 years since I completed my freshman year I’d forgotten what a beautiful building the interior of the UC is.

Summer, a friend from graduate school, blogged this morning about her mother’s house is like the room of requirement from Hogwarts:  It’s funny, because I was just thinking this semester how much the UC reminds me of Hogwarts as well, particularly the stair case.  The spiral staircase in the divination stairwell is very similar to the spiral staircase that connects the ground, first, and second floors of the UC.


The building staff of the UC has transformed the stairs into a festive, Christmasy area to spread holiday cheer to all students and staff.




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